Alberta Golf unveils 2020 Player Support Program

Alberta Golf (Calgary) – Alberta Golf has unveiled it’s 2020 Sport Development Program to support athlete development throughout the province. The continued use of a tiered support program will encourage participation by private members at their home clubs as well as public players who want to develop their game. Jennifer Davison, the Director of Sport Development for Alberta Golf says this support will be far reaching across Alberta.

“Alberta Golf is proud to support athletes in their local area, as well as their identified professionals,” said Davison. “Once a local player reaches the benchmark levels they will be invited to join the High Performance tier and be given the opportunity to apply for funding support.”

At the Tier 1 entry level there will be a greater awareness placed on the roadmap to success and parents of all athletes entering the earliest stages of competition will become more informed about the various development opportunities.

Tier 2 is a very broad level for players playing at the club and local level. Provincial hubs will be created to encourage athletes to seek out the most ideal coaching services in their area.

“The Hub system in Tier 2 will expand Alberta Golf’s reach into local communities” said Davison. ” These hubs will be operated by local professionals who are in touch with the needs of their community.”

Once athletes reach Tier 3 they will be competing at a high level and proving themselves at provincial and national competitions with onsite coaching assistance. Once players reach this benchmark they will be given the opportunity to apply for funding support.

“The program was designed with long term sustainability in mind,” said Davison. “The next steps are to seek out fundraising opportunities to help the program to continue to grow.”

This program hopes to assist athletes on their trajectory towards international competition and also the pathway to earn post-secondary scholarships.

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