2020 Alberta Golf Board of Directors elected

The annual General Meeting of the Voting Members of the Alberta Golf Association was held at Earl Grey Golf Club in Calgary, Alberta on Tuesday February 25th with the following officers elected.

Peter Major – President                 Calgary Golf and Country Club              Calgary

Mark Bamford – Vice President   Glendale Golf and Country Club            Edmonton

Tiffany Gordon – Secretary           Carnmoney Golf and Country Club       De Winton

Bill McNaughton – Treasurer       Glencoe Golf and Country Club              Calgary

Kendra Koss                                     Earl Grey Golf Club                                   Calgary

Chris Leach                                       Valley Ridge Golf Club                              Calgary

Loraine Moster                                 Public Players Club                                    Edmonton

Alonzo Strange                                 Blackhawk Golf Club                                  Edmonton

Ken Knowles                                     Windermere Golf and Country Club       Edmonton


In 2019 the Alberta Golf Association Foundation distributed nearly $60,000 to athletes to help fund post-secondary education.

The following make up the Board of Directors for the Alberta Golf Association Foundation for 2020.

Name                                                 City

Tom Zariski – President                   Drumheller

Wendy Davies                                    Rocky Mountain House

Jim Dymianiw                                    Calgary

Lois Gilbertson                                  Winfield

Chris Thompson                                Calgary

Neil Little                                            Calgary

Duncan Mills                                      Edmonton

After volunteering his service for more than 10 years, Tom Zariski is coming off the AGA Board and will continue to serve the AGAF in the role of President, as well as in his role as a Level 3 referee. Janice Lamarre is coming off the AGAF Board and remains involved as a lead volunteer with course rating – thank you both for your many years of service.

Click here for a link to the 2019 Alberta Golf Association Annual Report