Benjamin Farrington


Date of Birth
Jun 8, 2000
Timmins, ON
Home Club
Fort Mcmurray Golf Club
Father Mercredi
Years on Team

Q & A

Who or what got you into golf?
My Dad first brought me to the range when i was about six


What is your favourite competition meal?
Oven roasted chicken sub at subway


How about your favourite cheat meal?


What was the last book you read?
Lord of the rings, because i was forced too


What is something most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?
I’m a bit of a sports nut, I follow everything and know many obscure statistics and things people would care about.



What exercise do you dread the most?


What was the last picture you took on your phone?
A picture of me hiking in palm springs


What is the best thing about your hometown?
A lot of fun people and friends


What is the most surprising thing in your golf bag?
Nothing I’m not superstitious


If you could have a walk-up song on the first tee-box, what it would it be?
Anything i like a wide variety of music


4th – 2016 PGA of Alberta Junior Masters