Stay active, play golf this summer

On July 6, Alberta Golf participated in a community event hosted by the City of Calgary. Being in the centre of Eau Claire Market during lunch hour made it the perfect time to introduce a new sport, or a familiar one. Those walking through could stop by and learn more about ways they could get active this summer. The City of Calgary has a wide range of affordable golf options available. The Play City app can help you find people with the same skill level to play golf with.

The movement of #GetMovingYYC is focused on helping calgarians become active more often. You can even find a summer bucket list with 50 ways to get moving this summer.

This event raised awareness for local golf programs and showcased how accessible the game of golf is to everyone. There were hitting and chipping nets set up and a variety of golf clubs to choose from. The participants could polish up their swings and learn a new thing or two from the National Golf Academy professionals who provided great instruction and helpful tips. Some, who have never tried golf before, were able to learn the fundamentals of the game.

This summer there are so many ways to get active on and off the golf course. Through the Play City app, you can meet new people and be active at the same time. To some, golf can be intimidating at first but the Play City app is focused on matching people who have the same skill level and ability. The app is centered around multiple sports including: badminton, tennis and basketball.

City of Calgary Recreation also plays a role in providing many budget friendly options throughout the summer including Family Games and Sports Nights, Take a Kid to The Course Week and the annual EJ Justice Junior Golf Tournament.

Alberta Golf was able to provide information on volunteer and membership opportunities, as well as competitive and recreational golf programs across the province. Also, the importance of teaching golf at an early age by bringing golf into schools with the Future Links driven by Acura Golf In Schools program.

Through community events like this, Alberta Golf can introduce the sport to so many. Jennifer Davison, Alberta Golf’s Coordinator of Golf Course Services & Community Events, says that “we (Alberta Golf) are actively introducing more participants to the game. Golf has so much to offer for individuals and families. Events like this and initiatives like #GetMovingYYC are perfect for raising awareness about the game, the opportunities that exist in the market and the health benefits of playing golf and being active.”

Learn more about how the City of Calgary, the Play City app, the National Golf Academy and Alberta Golf make it easy, affordable and fun to play golf this summer.

For photographs of the community event, click here

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