A Father’s Day affair at Championship Media Day

Written by Amanda Ducheminsky
Photo credit: Alberta Golf / Wendy Davies

A few special guests could be seen at the Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP Alberta Open and Match Play Championships Media Day. Seven event competitors’ dads were at the Sundre Golf Club to get in a round with their sons for Father’s Day, including Bob – the father of 2016 Alberta Junior Boys Player of the Year, Brendan MacDougall.

As a Team Alberta High Performance athlete, currently on the High Point University golf team, Brendan explains that even though some days are harder than others, having his family and dad behind him has really helped his career.

“There are always rounds where I know I could have done better. He’s always there after saying, ‘You know what, go get it next time. You’ll be alright.’ He just helps me through.”

Bob has been there to support Brendan and his golf game since the early days.

“He was always a pretty happy kid. He picked up plastic golf clubs pretty much as soon as he could walk. He would spend hours hitting balls in the backyard, and when they went over the fence, I would have to go and track them all down and bring them all back. He thought that was great fun.”

Golf has given this pair a lot of unforgettable times.

“He always just been there for me. He’s always been willing to drive me to practice or tournaments whenever I need to. It’s always fun to spend time with him on the road, and it’s always some of the greatest memories that I have.”

Bob, a recreational golfer himself, loves to get out on the course with his family. Even though he may not always win against Brendan, he got his once in a lifetime chance to shine a few years ago against the all-star.

“I was playing with Brendan, my wife and Jon Fisher who at the time was the general manager at the Willow Park Golf and Country Club. I hit my tee shot, and it was right into the sun. We couldn’t really see it. The people who had vacated the green in front of us, and who were on the next tee box, knew we couldn’t see it because they knew that we weren’t really reacting to it. One of the players came off the tee and said, ‘It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!” They were yelling back at us. My wife hugged me, Jon gave me a high five and Brendan did nothing. Then my wife said, ‘Aren’t you going to congratulate your dad?’ and he said, “Yeah, I guess so…but I would have rather have had the hole in one myself.’”

Brendan has still yet to get his hole in one, but with the way he’s been playing over the past two years, his dad may not hold the title much longer. Placing 1st at the 2016 CN Future Links Western Championship, T2 at the 2016 Alberta Junior Championships and 4th at the 2017 Glencoe Invitational, Bob says Brendan’s top ranking ability comes from his attention to detail.

“He is a thoughtful player he’s a smart player. So he understands risk and reward. He’ll play a course in a very thoughtful manner.”

The talent runs in the McDougall family. Brendan’s 16-year-old sister, Madison, is a World Class Competitive Irish dancer. With both of his children living an active life, Bob is always there to watch them grow and do what they love.

“It’s lots of fun. We’ve always encouraged both the kids to have fun at the pursuits that they have and to do their best. If they’re doing their best they are probably having fun, and if they’re having fun they’re probably going to do their best. It’s really that simple.”

Happy Father’s Day from Alberta Golf to all of the dads out there.

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